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Julius Schwing Trio
Edge2:Isthmus (2016)
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"You won’t hear anything like edge2:isthmus this year or any

other past or future." - John Hardaker (

"..abstract, texturally melodic and meditative, reaching an almost hypnotic state." - John McBeath (Weekend Australian) 

This album is the second release by Julius Schwing and the first released by the new Isthmus Music label, based on Bruny Island in Tasmania 
It was developed as part of the EDGE2 Isthmus collaborative project with 2D and 3D artists for the MONA FOMA festival in January 2016. The work is inspired by the isthmus that links the North and South Bruny Islands - known locally as 'The Neck'.

Julius Schwing
On The Beach

This is the way the world ends 
Not with a bang but a whimper - T.S. Eliot 

A series of improvisations based on the 1957 post-apocalyptic novel by Nevil Shute, detailing the last months of life in Melbourne as deadly radiation drifts south. People cling to normality in a gentle melancholic tale of the end of the world. 

Recorded using three simultaneous amplifiers - one inside, one outside and one in a water tank. No overdubs etc, just straight up as is.

Julius Schwing/Myles Mumford
Rust and Thirst

Voicing the iconic water tank, it's practical and symbolic place in Australia the driest inhabited continent. A sign of colonial man's attempted subjugation of the land, a shield against fire and drought. 

The tank is energised by transducers and it's vibrations recycled through contact microphones. The tank is the sounding body and all sound on this record emanates from it.

Guitar and Sonics - Julius Schwing 
Electronics, Sonics, and System Design - Myles Mumford

Christian Windfeld/Julius Schwing

The first album from Danish drummer Christian Windfeld and Tasmanian guitarist Julius Schwing. Two sets of improvised music recorded live to zoom recorder at an intimate concert in Hobart, Tasmania, after Christian's visit to Bruny Island in early 2017.

released May 2 2018

Christian Windfeld - snare drum/objects

Julius Schwing - guitar


Scott Tinkler/Julius Schwing
At The Lighthouse

Scott Tinkler & Julius Schwing explore the unique acoustics of the 1838 Cape Bruny Lighthouse on South Bruny Island, Tasmania. These two improvisations were recorded by Sam Nester at the end of his month long artist residency on Bruny Island in 2019. Sponsored by the Bruny Island Foundation for the Arts.

released August 17 2019

Scott Tinkler - Trumpet

Julius Schwing - guitar


Julius Schwing - Wagtail

Julius Schwing is releasing "Wagtail", a new album of improvised solo acoustic guitar music recorded in his home studio on Bruny Island. A collection of 6 pieces taking inspiration from a life lived on a remote island, this album showcases Julius’s strong tactile approach to the instrument in an intimate and highly nuanced recording.

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